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History Minor

Minor in History
Course Number and TitleCredits
History courses chosen from the following:
HIST 101 World History I
HIST 102 World History II
HIST 103 History of Western Civilization I: Prehistory to the 17th Century
HIST 104 History of Western Civilization II: 17th Century to Present
HIST 111, 112 United States History
HIST 121 Asian Civilizations
HIST 131 Latin American Civilizations
HIST 141 African Civilizations
HIST 151 Islamic Civilization
HIST 223 Introduction to Environmental History
HIST 234 Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean
HIST 245 Medieval Europe
HIST 246 The History of Everyday Life in Europe
HIST 253 Medieval Islamic History
HIST 262 Witnessing Latin America
HIST 268 Working in America: Class, Labor, and Inequality
HIST 274 Fact, Fiction, and History
HIST 280 History of Love and War
Upper-division history courses selected in consultation with a department advisor which meet the interests and needs of the student12