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Information Technology Management Minor

Course Number and TitleCredits
CoBE Computer Placement Exam or
ITM 105 Spreadsheet Topics and
ITM 106 Database Topics
ITM 225 Introduction to Programming3
ITM 310 Business Intelligence3
ITM 315 Database Systems3
Choose two (2) of the following course options:
ITM 320 Systems Planning and Analysis
ITM 325 Web Application Development
ITM 330 Predictive Analytics
ITM 340 Big Data and Web Analytics
ITM 370 Mobile Application Development
ITM/SCM 435 Project Management or
HLTH 420 Strategic Planning & Project Management
ITM 455 Information Security
ITM 460 Cloud Computing
All course prerequisites are enforced for students pursuing the ITM minor.
All courses used toward the ITM minor must have a grade of C- or better.
ITM, CIS, or NTCOMM courses older than 5 years may not apply toward minor requirements.
All ITM minors must apply for COBE except for GIMM and HIIM majors.