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Mexican-American Studies Minor

Minor in Mexican-American Studies
Course Number and TitleCredits
HIST 363 History of Mexico3
SOC 230 Introduction to Ethnic Studies3
SOC 332 Introduction to Mexican-American Studies3
SOC 333 Contemporary Issues of Chicanas/Chicanos3
SOC 493 Internship (emphasis on Latino placements)3
Courses chosen from:
ARTHIST 359 Pre-Columbian Art
ED-LLC 305 Spanish for the Bilingual Classroom
ED-LLC 306 Field Experience with Bilingual or English Language Learners
HIST 262 Witnessing Latin America
POLS 423 Latin American Politics
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 300 Spanish For Bilinguals
SPAN 301 Conversational Spanish
SPAN 304 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPAN 377 Latin American Culture and Civilization
SPAN 385 Mexican American Culture and Civilization
SPAN 403 Survey of Latin American Literature I
SPAN 404 Survey of Latin American Literature II
SPAN 425 Mexican American Literature
SPAN 430 Topics in Latin American Literature
SPAN 490 Topics in Hispanic Cinema
WORLD 360 Topics in Hispanic Literature