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Music, Composition BM

Bachelor of Music in Composition
Course Number and TitleCredits
UF 100 Foundations of Intellectual Life3
UF 200 Foundations of Ethics and Diversity3
FW ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I3
FW ENGL 102 Writing and Rhetoric II3
FC Foundations of Oral Communication3
FM Foundations of Mathematics course3-4
FN Foundations of Natural, Physical, & Applied Sciences course with lab4
FN Foundations of Natural, Physical, & Applied Sciences course in a second field3-4
FA Foundations of Arts course3
FH Foundations of Humanities course3-4
FS Foundations of Social Sciences course3
FS Foundations of Social Sciences course in a second field3
MUS 101 Survey of Western Art Music2
MUS 119, 120, 219, 220 Materials of Music12
MUS 121, 122, 221, 222 Ear Training4
MUS 208 Music Technology2
MUS 261 Basic Conducting1
MUS 312 Introduction to Computer Music3
MUS 324 Orchestration2
MUS 351, 352, 353 Music History and Literature9
MUS 365 Choral Conducting1
MUS 366 Instrumental Conducting1
MUS 410 Advanced Form and Analysis3
MUS 424 Counterpoint Since 16002
MUS-APL 10 Concert Class (8 semesters of Pass grade)0
MUS-APL 108, 109 Class Piano2
FF MUS-APL 447 Senior Composition Recital2
MUS-ENS—Major Ensemble8
MUS-PRV—Lower-division major Performance Studies8
MUS-PRV 181 Composition Lessons (two (2) semesters)2
MUS-PRV 282 Composition Lessons (two (2) semesters)4
MUS-PRV 382 or 482 Composition Lessons (must study for at least one (1) semester at the MUS-PRV 400-level)8
MUS-PRV—Lower-division minor Performance Studies
(Piano, unless major instrument is Keyboard)
MUS-PRV 3—300-level Performance Studies4
Upper-division music courses3
Electives to total 128 credits5-8
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