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Refugee Studies Minor

Minor in Refugee Studies
Course Number and TitleCredits
HIST 310 Forced to Flee: Refugees in European History or
HIST 320 Global Diaspora: Refugees in the Modern World
REFUGEE 407 (SOCWRK 407) Principles of Refugee Resettlement3
493 Internship: Working with Refugees3
Electives in at least four (4) different disciplines chosen from:
ANTH 306 Kinship and Social Organization
ANTH 425 Medical Anthro: Disease, Culture & Healing
COMM 351 Intercultural Communication
CJ 103 Introduction to Law and Justice
CONFLICT 405 Culture and Conflict
ECON 315 Global Economic Development
ED-LLC 200 Cultural Diversity in the School
ENGL 216 Literature and Global Consciousness
ENGL 396 Postcolonial Literature
EOHS 230 Introduction to Environmental Health
GENDER 200 Introduction to Gender Studies
GEOG 200 World Regional Geography
HIST 369 History of Modem Middle East
HIST 372 The History of Modem Southeast Asia
LING 305 Introduction to Language Studies
LING 310 First and Second Language Acquisition
LING 321 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
LING 327 Applied Linguistics in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
LING 331 The Politics of Language
POLS 306 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 421 International Law and Organization
PSYC 219 Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYC 419 Children & Families: Multicultural Perspectives
REFUGEE 408/SOCWRK 408 Working with Refugees Across Cultures
REFUGEE 409/SOCWRK 409 Case Mgmt with Refugees
REFUGEE 410/SOCWRK 410 Intro to Refugee Program Supervision & Mgmt
REFUGEE 411/SOCWRK 411 Adv Refugee Macro Practice
SOC 230 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
SOC 305 Racial and Cultural Minorities