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Supply Chain Management Minor

Minor in Supply Chain Management
Course Number and TitleCredits
SCM 301 Principles of Supply Chain Management3
Three (3) of the following:
SCM 366* Supply Chain Analytics
SCM 380* Quality Management and Lean Process Improvement
SCM 410* Logistics
SCM 416* Procurement and Supply Chain Integration
SCM 435*/ITM 435 Project Management
ACCT 314, BUS 302, BUS 334, ECON 333, INTBUS 230, INTBUS 443, INTBUS 445, ITM 330, ITM 415, MKTG 420, MKTG 430, SCM 420, SCM 4936
*SCM 301 is a prerequisite.
Admission to COBE required.
All courses used toward the SCM minor must have a grade of C- or better.
SCM courses older than 5 years may not apply toward minor requirements.
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