Literacy Endorsement: K-12

Students must pass Paxis (5301) and earn a B (80%) or higher in each of the courses to attain a Literacy Endorsement.

Literacy Endorsement: K-12
Course Number and TitleCredits
Area I: Foundations of Literacy
ED-LLC 340 Idaho Comprehensive Literacy
Area II: Reading in the Content Area
ED-LLC 440 Content Area Language Arts: K-8
ED-LLC 444 Content Literacy for Secondary Students
Area III: Corrective/Diagnostic/Remedial Reading
ED-LLC 343 Reading Diagnosis and Intervention
Area IV: Language and Development
ED-LLC 300 Foundations of Linguistics and Language Acquisition
LING 305 Introduction to Language Studies
LING 307 Linguistics in Education
LING 310 First and Second Language Acquisition
Area V: Literature for Youth
ED-LLC 346 Children’s Literature
ED-LLC 447 Young Adult Literature
ENGL 481 Literature for Use in Junior and Senior High School
Area VI: Writing Instruction
ED-LLC 345 Writing Processes, Instruction, and Assessment: K-8
ENGL 301 Teaching English Composition
Area VII: Development and Diversity of Literacy Learners
ED-LLC 303 Methods in Teaching Content in the Bilingual/ENL Classroom
See Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies for more information.