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Pass (P) Grading Basis FAQs

Changing a grade of C- or better to a pass (P) grade only applied to classes taken in Spring 2020 and Fall 2020.

Please open the link using an incognito/private tab. 

  • Google Chrome: Right-click on the link, then choose Open link in incognito window from the resulting window.
  • Firefox: Right-click on the link, then choose Open Link in New Private Window from the resulting window.
  • Microsoft Edge: Right-click on the link, then choose Open in InPrivate Window from the resulting window.
  • Safari: Press the Option key while right-clicking on the link, then choose Open Link in New Private Window from the resulting window.

Note: If opening the link in Incognito or Private mode does not resolve the form issue, please exit the web browser, re-open the web browser and try the form again.

Boise State will be closed from December 24th through January 3rd for the winter holiday break. Advising will not be available during this time because of the closure. 

If you are still unable to access the form, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or 208-426-4249.

Do I have to choose a Pass (P) for all my courses?

No. You may choose which course(s) you would like to change to a grade of P and keep the letter grades in others. 

What is the deadline to decide to change to a grade of P?

Students have until 11:59pm on December 27th to submit the request form. This request is irrevocable once exercised.

How do I request a grade of P for my class?

On December 23rd you will receive an email with a link to an eform. Use this eform to choose the course(s) you wish to change to a grade of P and submit by the deadline. 

If I am currently repeating a course and choose a grade of P, will it replace the first grade attempt?

Yes. A grade of P will exempt the first attempt from your GPA.

If I earn a grade of D can I request a P instead?

No, only grades of C- or higher (C or higher for graduate courses) may be changed to a grade of P. Grades of D+ and below will remain as entered by the faculty.

Will a grade of P count toward my degree requirements?

Yes, a grade of P will fulfill a graduation requirement.

Is there a limit to the number of grades of P I can have?

For undergraduate students, Boise State does not limit the number of grades of P a student may earn.

For graduate students, please refer to the graduate catalog as some degree programs may limit the amount of (P) Pass grades.

Will my instructor enter the grade of P for me?

No, students must opt into the grade of P by utilizing the eform that will be sent to them via email on December 23rd.

If I change a grade to a P and decide later that I would rather have the letter grade, can I change my mind?

No, students must opt into the grade of P by utilizing the eform that will be sent to them via email on December 23rd. The decision to change to a grade of P is irrevocable.

If I get an incomplete in a course in fall 2020 will I be able to choose a grade of P later?

Yes. When the grade is changed from a grade of I to a letter grade of C- or higher, you may request that the grade be changed to a P.

What else should I consider before making this decision?

Students should be aware of how the grade change will impact their GPA for graduation, honors calculation, and Dean’s List (students must have 12 graded – not P/F – credits in a semester to be eligible for Dean’s List); any potential financial aid/scholarship impact; requirements for professional licensure or graduate programs. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor before December 18th to help determine if this change is the best option for you.

How will changing a letter grade to P affect my Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid?

There are three standards that need to be met for SAP: GPA, Pace, and Max Time Frame. Since a grade of P is not calculated in the GPA, it will have no effect on your SAP cumulative GPA. Since a grade of P counts as completing the course, this will not negatively impact your Pace percentage either. Since the course has been attempted, the credits would still count towards your Max Time Frame amount. This could negatively impact this standard if you need to retake the class to get a certain letter grade. More information on these standards can be found on our SAP webpage.

What if I am on a SAP plan that requires a certain GPA and I choose to turn all my grades into a grade of P?

A student on an academic plan that has only grades of P will have been considered to have met their plan for the spring term, REGARDLESS of the GPA requirement that was needed. Be aware that if you have one letter grade that isn’t a P, this is what your GPA would be. As an example if you received all P grades and one C, this would be failing the plan as all plans require a 2.25 GPA or higher and this would be a 2.0 GPA.

Keep in mind that most plans are four semesters long and it is expected that the student will be at the needed GPA by the end of the four terms. There will be no automatic extension of the plan. However, if a student is not meeting the standard by the end of the fourth semester and placed on another hold, they would still have the right to appeal.

Are there any other leniences in place for SAP besides the above-mentioned change for GPA plans?

At this time there are no other leniences in place, however every student has the right to appeal if a SAP hold is placed on their account. The three main things that are required for a successful appeal are extenuating circumstances for the semester(s) in question, resolution of circumstances, and documentation when appropriate.