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Export Controls

Federal laws and regulations control the export of certain data, technologies, software and hardware for reasons of: 1) national security and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destructions; 2) trade competitiveness; and 3) foreign policy. The transfer of technology or source code to a foreign person or entity (excluding political asylees or permanent U.S. residents who are fulltime University employees) within the United States may also be subject to restrictions as “deemed exports”.

Boise State University is committed to open research and generally will not accept restrictions on publication and dissemination of the results of research activities; however it is recognized that some research cannot be conducted without restrictions.  As such, where export-controlled studies are taking place, technology control plans must be implemented and enforced. The University is committed to fully complying with all United States export control laws and regulations. To see the university’s Export Control Manual select the pdf or doc download links.

Questions about export controls should be addressed to the University Export Control Officer at