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Allowable Costs/Charges/Effort on Sponsored Projects

FAQ: I was planning to travel to a conference to present my research work supported by my grant, but the conference was cancelled due to precautions regarding COVID-19. May I still charge the travel-related costs to the grant?

To date, there is no federal guidance relating to charges to awards for non-refundable travel, conferences, and related expenses due to the coronavirus. Please continue to follow the University Travel Expense Policy and general cost principles described in the Uniform Guidance.

FAQ: I’m a PI working remotely from home during self-isolation. Can my effort still be charged to the grant?

In general, yes, provided you remain engaged in your project. Current NIH and NSF prior approval requirements regarding disengagement and effort reductions remain in effect.

FAQ: What if I am home sick and can’t work on my project? Can my salary still be charged to the grant?

Yes. Pursuant to Boise State University’s indirect cost rate agreement with the federal government, sick leave and other paid absences that are permitted under University policy may be charged to the grant.

FAQ: Can I charge trip cancellation insurance to my grant?

Trip cancellation insurance is typically unallowable on grants. However, we are monitoring any additional guidance the federal government may issue related to travel. If you need to travel in the coming months to conduct business for a sponsored project, and you want to purchase trip cancellation insurance, you may reach out to your assigned OSP Sponsored Project Administrator to request prior approval from the sponsor to charge this cost to the grant. The Department of Energy has provided specific guidance for cancellations-please see link below.

FAQ: I am a PI/researcher and I am required to work from home as a result of the coronavirus. Would I be able to charge supplies relating to telework (i.e., such as a laptop, printer, office supplies, etc.) to my grant?

These types of expenses are considered administrative costs (indirect costs), and generally are not appropriate as a direct cost unless specifically approved by the sponsor. You may wish to talk with your supervisor about your needs in order to be set up to work from home.