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Research Review Committees

The university’s research review committees for human subjects research, animal care and use, biosafety, and drones are operational; however only critical research activities are to be conducted at this time. Reviews will be conducted via phone and/or video conference. Research Compliance staff continue operations remotely to support the committee review processes. Investigators needing assistance should reach out to the respective committee coordinator(s).

Investigators with sponsored projects should reach out to the Office of Sponsored Programs to discuss their particular situation and sponsor requirements.

Human Subjects Research – Institutional Review Board

Data collection stopping due to COVID-19 does NOT require IRB notification.

Any research (including exempt research) with in-person interactions for data collection, unless considered “critical” human subjects research, must stop for the protection of participants and researchers (also see NIH NOT-OD-20-087). Study procedures that can use alternative methods for data collection or interaction (e.g. phone, video conference, online survey) may continue after IRB protocol modification and approval.

An investigator wishing to change study procedure (e.g. recruitment or data collection) must submit a Modification Form. The investigator must also submit any documents (e.g. consent/assent, recruitment, or data collection forms) that are changed or created in association with the proposed protocol modification. The IRB must review and approve any procedure and document changes prior to implementation. For example, an investigator currently has approval to conduct in-person interviews, but now needs to conduct study interviews via video chat. The investigator must submit a Modification Form along with an updated consent form and recruitment materials. Before the investigator can use video chat for the study, the IRB must review and approve the change.

Investigators wishing to use Zoom to conduct interviews, should review OIT’s information on securing those encounters.

Questions regarding the need for modification should be sent to The IRB staff will be happy to help make a determination to help identify options for data collection or other needs to meet research timelines and deadlines.

Animal Care and Use – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Lab-based research involving animals or field research that cannot maintain social distancing must stop unless considered “critical” animal research. Animal facilities remain operational for critical research and for the continued housing and care of research animals. For assistance, contact

Biosafety – Institutional Biosafety Committee

Lab-based research involving biohazardous materials or field research that cannot maintain social distancing must stop unless considered “critical” research. Laboratories remain open as needed. For assistance, contact


Outdoor research using drones may continue if social distancing can be maintained. For assistance, contact

Review Related to COVID-19 Research

The Division of Research and Economic Development is committed to helping researchers explore their interests and the potential scientific and community benefits of studying COVID-19 while continuing to protect participants, students, and researchers through responsible use of our resources.

COVID-19 related research will require approval by one or more of the university’s research review committees if it involves human participants, animals, or biohazardous materials. Please reach out to the applicable committee coordinators to determine the necessary review requirements.