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Mission and Strategy

Boise City Scape


The Division of Research and Economic Development is committed to cultivating an environment where education through research, scholarly endeavor and creative activity thrives. We provide comprehensive support for faculty, staff and student research, manage the university’s IP portfolio, facilitate relationships with all stakeholders, and lead economic development and innovation.


Lead as a premier metropolitan university, advancing quality research, scholarship and innovative pursuits.


The Division of Research and Economic Development will uphold the university values through promotion of collaboration across the research enterprise, building inclusive partnerships, both internally and externally.


  1. Grow and diversify a quality research portfolio
  2. Support the economic development and innovative capacity of the state and the region
  3. Increase technology transfer and commercialization of university intellectual property
  4. Contribute to signature high quality student experience and education
  5. Build regional innovation capacity and advance decision-making in energy
  6. Advance strategic communication
  7. Continuously improve processes for operations

Strategic plan objective details can be viewed either using the right hand navigation, or by downloading this printable Word Doc: FY 2020 DoRED_2019