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Strategic Plan Objective 1: Grow and Diversify a Quality Research Portfolio

GROW in select areas of research defined as those with the greatest potential for distinction, and those with potential for societal, cultural and economic benefit

  • Pursue external funding to establish large federally funded research programs in select areas of strength
  • Through a process of strategic alignment, establish additional, high-probability areas of collaboration with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
  • Grow and foster the success of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) through strong partnerships, inspired leadership, Energy Policy Institute (EPI) and Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS) support, and innovative ideas
  • Target and grow arts, humanities, and social science research
  • Utilize Washington D.C. representation to both match Boise State University capabilities with potential industrial and government sponsors, and to help cultivate those relationships over time
  • Leverage research opportunities for student recruitment

BUILD a Center for Faculty Research and Development

In building a focused Center we will provide unparalleled support from idea to impact for principal investigators as they prepare, conduct and share their research. Research Development activities will include front end strategy and fellowships, responsive proposal preparation and tool development for successful management of awards from federal agencies, foundations, and other funding agencies.

  • Focus on Early Career faculty to ensure their success long-term
  • Develop research communities/affinity groups to encourage communication and support collaborative research and proposal development
  • Focus on project strategy and proposal development for faculty
  • Provide proposal management services, following our established research priorities, to large institutional proposals, and strategically significant single-authored proposals
  • Build a centralized post-award project team housed in the DoRED offices to assist in managing multi-disciplinary institutional awards and smaller projects in areas that lack administrative support