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Advising – First Contact

Student success is an important aspect of the Mission of the Department of Respiratory Care. Advising students throughout their academic careers is a major factor of student success. An advisor will:

  • Provide effective communication of program requirements, policies and procedures,
  • Introduce learning opportunities outside the classroom,
  • Assess academic performance and strengths,
  • Refer students to other resources as necessary,
  • Help students achieve their academic goals.

Students should plan to meet with their advisers at least once per semester to discuss goals, progress and other concerns. Questions which arise throughout the academic career may also be addressed. It is very important for students who are planning to apply to the Department of Respiratory Care to meet with an advisor while they are working on the pre-requisite courses to ensure that they are meeting their objectives.

On-Campus BS Program / Advisor Assignment

Students who are interested in enrolling a Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Care on-campus BS program and receive an advisor assignment to discuss academic goals and future course planning.

RRT to BS Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program (online)

Registered Respiratory Therapists who are interested in completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Care should contact the Department of Respiratory Care for advising and other information.

International Students

Many students from outside the United States have attended the Respiratory Care Program at Boise State University. This provides an excellent opportunity for students of different backgrounds to share views and cultural experiences. Current and former students include students from American Samoa, Argentina, Egypt, India, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and Viet Nam.

Some of the International Students are admitted to the University as Freshmen, while some are directly admitted to the Respiratory Care Program.

International Student Admissions

For information related to admission as an International Student, please visit the International Student Admissions website.

International Student Services

For international student support services in the area of immigration, academics, cross-cultural challenges, and adjusting to life at Boise State University,  please visit the International Student Services website.