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Getting Started

Information for Boise State Students

If you are majoring in pre-respiratory care at Boise State, we strongly encourage you to meet with an academic advisor to create a semester-by-semester plan of study that includes all prerequisite and general education courses. In general, it takes 2-3 semesters to complete pre-respiratory care courses.

Information for Transfer Students

If you complete the required pre-respiratory care coursework at another school, please review the following before you apply to the respiratory care program:

  • Use the Transfer Equivalency System (TES) tool to confirm that the courses you take/have taken at another school are eligible to transfer to Boise State and that they meet pre-respiratory care requirements.
  • Confirm with a transfer or academic advisor that you meet required general education course requirements.
  • Apply to Boise State for admission as a transfer student prior to submitting your application to the respiratory care program and consult with an academic advisor to confirm that you meet all pre-respiratory care requirements.

Information for 2nd Degree Seeking Students

Applicants to the respiratory care program who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are applying to complete a 2nd degree in respiratory care should review their transcripts with an academic advisor. It is important to determine which courses from a previous degree(s) meet pre-respiratory care course requirements and whether additional prerequisites must be completed before applying to the respiratory care program.

Admission Curriculum Criteria

Admission to the Respiratory Care program is competitive. The Department of Respiratory Care accepts 26 students each fall into the Bachelor of Science Respiratory Care program. All students who are considering entry into the Respiratory Care program must have completed, or be in the process of completing, the following pre-professional curriculum.  The pre-professional curriculum need not be taken at Boise State.

  • UF 100
  • ENGL 101
  • ENGL 102
  • FC
  • MATH 254 or MATH 153
  • BIOL 227
  • BIOL 228
  • CHEM 101/101L
  • FS
  • HLTH 101