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Math Leadership Network

A helping community for current teacher leaders, administrators, coaches, and curriculum developers to meet and learn from one another.

The Math Leadership Network (MLN) offers 3 program options for participants to get together and build capacity for working with colleagues to improve mathematics achievement in their local contexts.

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We’re excited to offer the following programs during the 2020-2021 school year.

Teacher Leader Community

A community of teacher leaders interested in improving their classroom practice as well as exploring leadership opportunities to help build capacity in their school or district environments.

  • 3 credits available (self-paid)
  • Involves participation in a summer book club
  • Attend 11 half-day meetings and 1 full day meetings (one per month)
  • Choose a RMC Leadership Initiative based on school or district needs. Leadership stipends possible.

Coaching Cooperative

A cooperative of instructional coaches interested in improving their math coaching practice through a guided study and implementation of learned practices.

  • 2 paid PD credits available (self-paid)
  • 1 full-day meeting: August 2020
  • 4 half-day meetings: (one per quarter)
  • Implementation and reflection of a coaching cycle
  • Choose a RMC project based on school or district needs. Leadership stipends possible.

Focus Groups

Structured half-day meetings where participants will consider current trends in mathematics education and form flexible discussion groups around those topics. These meetings are ideal for teacher leaders, coaches, and administrators.

  • 1 paid PD credit available with focus group reflection
  • 3 half-day meetings (Fall, Winter, and Spring)