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Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI)

Observation tool for analyzing classroom teaching of mathematics.

Developed by the Center for Education Policy and Research at Harvard, the Mathematical Quality of Instruction (MQI) observation tool is for analyzing instruction in terms of math practices, student interaction, rich content, student errors, and links between activities and learning goals.

  • MQI Workshops introduce the components of the MQI rubric through brief classroom video segments and reflection. The primary focus is on student math practices.
  • MQI Coaching Cycles apply the MQI rubric to teachers’ own classroom instruction. 5 follow-up cycles include self and peer reflection.
  • MQI Leadership Cohorts engage math teacher leaders (e.g., coaches, administrators, department chairs, teacher leaders) with the MQI tool. Includes support for using the rubric in local contexts.
  • Questions? Please feel free to Contact the RMC.

The opportunities below are organized by region. If you are unsure of your region, refer to the image below.

Region 3 Opportunities

Region 4 Opportunities

MQI Coaching Cycle