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Community Impact Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Boise State decided to open a satellite campus in XYZ now?

Boise State will NOT be opening a satellite campus in any of the participating Community Impact Program communities. 

The purpose of this initiative is to connect students to educational opportunities without the constraints of traditional infrastructure. This is a far more flexible and cost effective approach to education for tax payers and enables students to access their courses anywhere, anytime while remaining in the community of their choice.

Will there be any tuition-free/non-credit programs on campus for those not seeking a degree?

Boise State is focused on providing accessible and affordable options for students and continues to be one of the most affordable universities in the region. As these programs are developed with each participating community, we will explore scholarship opportunities with students, community partners and other sources.  Boise State is already a leader in offering innovative cost solutions. 

Boise State supports an active Center for Professional Development that delivers a variety of high quality Professional Development opportunities. We will certainly explore non-credit needs and options right along with our academic program planning.

With a local community college being nearby, what can be said about the possible competition the campus may generate?

We do not anticipate any competition with our colleagues at XYZ community college. In fact, we expect this initiative to provide additional pathways to high quality, accessible online bachelor’s degree programs for students who have completed a program at their local community college. This will help them build on the valuable skills they have already gained at their local community college so that they can further their career or grow their own business in the community.

What will the enrollment requirements be for the program?

We will leverage our experience and capacity to build online programs that serve the local community in specialized ways. We don’t anticipate any concerns related to enrollment requirements.

When will enrollment open?

We expect to begin enrollment in spring 2021 for the launch of a program in fall 2021.

Where do you anticipate the XYZ campus to be located (downtown, edge of town, etc.)?

Again, we do NOT plan on building a physical campus in any of the partner communities.

What is the shared core curriculum?

Throughout the community planning and input sessions, a series of themes emerged around a common set of skills each group felt was important to their community needs. The themes that emerged were entrepreneurship, creativity and Innovation, and essential business skills including communication. 

What is a signature workshop?

A key feature of this program is the expectation that faculty spend time embedded in each community for portions of each semester. To address this, and build in experiential learning opportunities throughout the program, we propose the use of signature workshops throughout. Faculty will teach these workshops face-to-face in the community and local and other experts will be brought in as guest speakers. 

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