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Community Impact Program (CIP) students will be eligible to receive up to $5,250 scholarship funding for their first year of CIP courses and additional online course work. This award is available for all students enrolled in the CIP from the participating communities of Mountain Home, McCall, and Payette (and surrounding communities.) This funding is intended to help cover tuition expenses for students enroll in CIP.  Each community program will have over $50,000 in scholarship funding available initially for students from that community.

The Award

First year CIP students will receive up to $175 per credit of fee payment for CIP courses (a 50% reduction in tuition) up to a $5,250 per academic year max. Any remaining tuition/fee expenses above and beyond the $175 per credit will be the student’s responsibility. Additional funding may be available through federal financial aid, grants and/or other scholarships (i.e. Idaho Opportunity Scholarship) to cover the remaining per credit charge.

  • This award is a fees-only award and will be applied directly to student fee balances. No money will be received directly by recipients.
  • Student awards may be either the full scholarship ($5,250 or 30 credits of fee payment) or the partial scholarship ($2,625 or 15 credits of fee payments.)  In addition, a student in special circumstance may receive an individual course scholarship of either $175 (1 credit) or $525 (3 credits)
  • Available Courses: Only courses that are a part of Community Impact Programs are available for this scholarship fee payment.  This includes all Community Leadership Core courses, lower division coursework available through the Online Degree Pathway, CIP signature program courses, and any courses in Boise State’s online degree completion programs to including the Bachelor of Applied Science, Multidisciplinary Studies, Public Health, Public Relations, and Bachelor of Business Administration Management.  This award will not be applied to Boise State main campus courses or online courses outside of the programs listed above.
  • A combination of the full scholarship and partial scholarship will be awarded to each community to the expected value of $50,000 for that community.  This combination may be all full scholarships (10 total), all partial scholarships (20 total), or a combination of the two types.
  • This award is currently available for only Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022. Future awards availability will be determined by Boise State, each community, and state partners.

Scholarship Initial Eligibility Requirements:

All students in Community Impact Programs will automatically be considered for this scholarship as long as the meet the following initial requirements

  • Students must reside in a community/county identified as part of the Community Impact Program. Currently, Mountain Home (Elmore County), Western Treasure Valley (Payette and Washington Counties), and West Central Mountains (McCall, Valley and Adams Counties).
  • Admitted to Boise State University as a degree seeking student.
  • Enrolled in Community Impact Programs program courses for current semester.

Scholarship Preferences

  • Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need through FAFSA.
  • Preference will be given to eligible students nominated by the Community Advisory teams.
  • Preference will be given to military spouses stationed at Mountain Home Air Force base, Idaho National Guard service members, Veterans, Active Duty, and Reservists.

Additional Requirements before scholarship awarded

  • Secondary verification of address to prove residence in the community.
  • Verification of military or military spouse status.
  • Submit a personal statement about academic and career goals and the impact you can make on the community.

Ongoing Eligibility Requirements:

Fall scholarship recipients will automatically be awarded the Spring semester scholarship as long as they meet the following conditions.

  • Attendance in required community impact meetings and associated program classes per month throughout the semester.  Failure to attend will result in not receiving funding for that semester and losing eligible for future semesters.  Students failing to participate will be expected to repay any scholarship funds already granted in that semester.
  • Remain a community resident
  • Register for courses with the assistance of an advisor
  • Participate in available academic advising sessions
  • Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress

Application and Deadlines

  • All students in Community Impact Programs will automatically be considered for this scholarship.
  • Awards offers will be will made through the summer until all scholarships are awarded.  The first award offers are expected to be made in early June, followed by early July and August.
  • After the July awards, available community scholarships funding maybe redistributed based on student enrollments and scholarships awarded.  i.e. community A has awarded their initial allotment of  $50,000 and has additional eligible students while community B has initial allotment remaining but no eligible students.   At this point, available scholarship funding will be shifted from community B to community A’s eligible students.
  • Admission to Boise State and Community Impact Programs is not a guarantee of a scholarship award.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

  • There are many other scholarship opportunities at Boise State University, visit the Boise State Scholarship website to view award details and requirements.  We encourage all Community Impact Program students to apply for scholarships that fit their needs.

More Information

If you would like additional details about the Community Impact Programs (CIP), please complete the form and someone will be in touch shortly. Thank you.