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Special Project Committees

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The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management is focused on improving our students’ experience, our services and campus environment to improve retention, persistence and graduation rates. We know some students are performing well, and some students are struggling. We aren’t sitting back waiting for them to figure it out. We are actively pursuing new ideas and interventions that will make a college degree a reality for ALL students.

Student Success and Retention Committee

The Student Success and Retention Committee is an active working group that sets goals, designs interventions, and monitors our progress. This committee is made up of representatives from across the university.

Current Membership

Dr. Tomas Baiza (co-chair) | Academic Advising and Student Success
Dr. Doug Bullock  | College of Arts and Sciences
Alizabeth Gaddie | Academic Advising and Student Success
Dr. Luke Jones (co-chair) | Student Affairs, Housing and Residence Life
Dr. Leif Nelson | Learning Technology Solutions
Dr. Joelle D. Powers | College of Health Sciences
Renee Rehder | Enrollment Management
Zoe Segnitz | Student Affairs, New Student Programs
Dr. Susan Shadle | Center for Teaching and Learning
Charlie Varland | Student Affairs, Student Involvement and Leadership
Dr. Nick Warcholak | Institutional Research

Student-Centered Design Team

Our division is committed to learning about our students and designing to meet their needs. Our Student-Centered Design Team is a group of staff and students who use Design Thinking to gain empathy for our students, achieve clarity about their needs, develop creative solutions to meet those needs, and test their ideas. This group works across the division to share student insights and help other departments increase their capacity for scaling their work to our ever-changing student body.

Current membership