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Blogs and Multimedia

We’ve created a communication ecosystem that is more impactful, less invasive, and more streamlined than traditional advertising.

Using this framework, we created a topic-based resources funnel using the Student Life Essentials website – Intuitive navigation so students will always know where to go to find what they are looking for, or find out about something they didn’t know existed. It’s designed so that students will be able to find resources based on what they want or need, not by department or program.

That’s just one part of it

Our blogs on Student Life Essentials feed into myBoiseState and the Boise State Mobile app. We create valuable, student-focused content that students want to read using storytelling, creative headlines, and relevant information at key timeframes. The best part is that we are opening up this blog to the rest of the university to join in on the content revolution. Content is King. Find out more about the ecosystem, sign up to be a contributor, and start communicating with students.

The Ecosystem

When you publish a blog or a video, it doesn’t just exist on one site – it feeds into an ecosystem. The Student Life Events Calendar is the same way.

1) Write your blog post

screenshot of blog writing in wordpress

2) Choose the correct categories

Selecting categories in WordPress

3) Submit for review

submit for review in WordPress

Where does it go?

The blog feeds into myBoiseState and the Boise State app, as well as the Student Life Essentials website.

Sound good? Sign up to become a contributor!

When you’re writing a blog, write speaking directly to the student. Don’t use the word “students,” use “you.” Only write blogs that communicate valuable information to most or all students, are interesting and engaging, or tell a good story. See some examples of the types of blog posts we’re producing.

Climbing to a New Perspective – A story about a student who didn’t know what she wanted to do at Boise State, applied for a job at the Outdoor Program, and it changed her life – published before outdoor trip signups opened.

I Didn’t Know That: What’s an Informational Interview – A short explainer on informational interviews – published right before a career fair.

5 1/2 Things – A weekly series of useful themed information, usually based on what’s happening that time of year.

This isn’t a place for promotions; However, telling a compelling story that includes your program/department/event is more engaging than your traditional posters/digital signs.

Our team of writers will edit the blog posts to fit the voice of Student Life Essentials if it doesn’t quite meet our standards, and we will choose when and whether or not to publish a blog post, for maximum efficiency.

If you’d like to submit ideas for blogs instead of write them, we’re always looking for more. Please email