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Alex Rodriguez

Skateboard 1

Skateboard 2 Skateboard 3

Skateboard deck (3 decks)
8.25″ x 32″

The three works that are presented take on abstract forms along with the use of graffiti and skateboard influences. Growing up, I was always intrigued by the art designs that were on skateboard decks. Most art on skateboard decks can be abstracted, and some designs can show a simple logo of a skating brand. Combining graffiti art and skateboarding give each other balance in the form of staying consistent because graffiti is street-based art and skateboarding is a street sport, which my work is about using both elements to create a new fresh work. The materials used on these three skateboard decks are made from using acrylic markers. Although using spray paint for the three works would have been better to show textures, using acrylic markers showed a great application in the way the flat colors showed balance from the primary and secondary elements. Also showing bold thick lines within the lettering. The subject matter of the three works determine the materials being used and showing the rules of graffiti lettering. Three of the works consist of using the same word but translating the word into different styles of graffiti lettering. The word chosen for three works is called neo, which means new, or fresh. Adding this word to the skateboard decks is an intended fresh idea for an upcoming skating brand. Applying the word neo to the skateboard decks is a first step to promote the word for business marketing.