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Brynn Maenhout

My Home Away From Home
Digital Print
14″ x 11″ (8 prints)

When I think of a home, I think of a place where I feel comfortable to be myself, safe, and surrounded by people I love. Growing up in a loving and supportive household, I was nervous to leave behind that safety and comfort but also knew that I had to take a chance and step through the door to experience life and grow. When I left for Boise State, I already knew it was going to be my home away from home because of its loving community, similar to my hometown in Washington, and how welcome the school made me feel about becoming a Bronco. I photographed the different front doors in the Hyde Park neighborhood to show that even though our front doors come in all shapes, sizes, and colors each represents someone’s home. It leads each person to different emotions and feelings but most importantly, it should lead us to comfort and safety. By leaving, it brings us new experiences and a chance to grow. From living in Boise these past four years, I have grown a lot through education, experiencing the best moments of my life and a few hardships, and meeting friends that are now family. College has become more than I ever thought it would be and for that I am forever grateful.