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Eileen Chavez

Meatless Monday
Video, furniture, fabric, glass plates, flatware, fake food, and fake candles
Dimensions variable

Impending Doom
Video and Sculpture
Dimensions variable

My audience is primarily my local community and people who like interactive art. I am currently working with video and projection, for which the work of Tony Oursler has been a major inspiration. I start from a “work with what I have” position. I prefer to re-purpose and salvage whenever I can, for example In “Meatless Monday” I re-use appropriated footage in a surreal, (or absurd), dinner scene combining several source layers. What is unique about my work is my use of material and my application of repetition.I tend to rely heavily on duplication. So I have to come up with interesting and relevant ways to apply it. There is a strong element of duplication/repetition in both of my installations.

I am physically disabled. I use a power chair. So, I try to design with my limited ability in mind. I start with what I can do. And I build the idea on the basis of making something, worth making, that achieves the concept. But even if it’s a painting, I would need help to make a stretcher. For these situations, my father, (now 83 yrs.) is my main resource. But I find it is both necessary and exciting to collaborate. For example, “Impending Doom” was just a video. But I always intended it to be an installation. So the suggestion of projecting onto both matte and reflective surfaces, (to harness “isolation” as a concept), was the moment everything came together and “migraine” became an art installation.