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Flora Angelica Hasko

Le Voyage (The Journey)
Animation video (claymation)

In my art, I usually tend to take advantage of natural elements to create metaphors that either criticize or emphasize particular aspects of humanity – what makes us proud or ashamed of being human. When grief struck my family with the news of the imminent loss of our patriarch to a terminal disease, I found myself constantly revisiting the concepts of “life” and “death” I’m familiar with; we hear a lot about “accomplishing missions” and “finishing cycles”, but these notions do very little to placate that overwhelming feeling of helplessness one feels when faced with the inevitable departure of a loved one. In this short animation, I took what I consider a poetic, whimsical approach to life – rather than something limited by time, it’s expanded by it. A cycle of movement, change, growth and experience through seasons, akin to a journey, with an end that doesn’t mean the death of what it was, but preparation for what will be.