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Lauryl Jensen

Digital Prints
8″ x 8″

For my final exhibition, I chose to illustrate twenty-six pictures in the style of a children’s book, one for each letter of the alphabet. This started with an assignment a couple of semesters ago and turned into a whole project that I’m ending my senior year on. Each picture is done in my bright and colorful style with nubby characters and a happy background story that makes up each one. I drew all of them digitally using Procreate and printed them as 8×8 squares.

I chose to finish off my time at Boise State with pieces that represent me and my style of work versus the style of an assignment that doesn’t necessarily depict “Lauryl.” Each drawing has special little details that you might not notice right away, but make them more fun when you do. My Jazzy Jellyfish, for example, is pressing down on his trumpet button with his little tentacle and the audience is bats in my Ice Skating Indian Flying Fox. I include things that make you have to look a little extra because that’s what I enjoy in a piece of art too.

As an Illustration major, I definitely wanted the work I displayed to demonstrate what I’ve been working towards during my time here, which is how I decided on these. They’re not big or dramatic, but at the same time, that’s not even my style. I feel that these twenty-six little squares are a good representation of me and what I’ve learned as an illustration student.

A – Artistic Anteater

B –Bashful Beluga

C – Cotton Candy Chameleon

D – Dancing Dino

E – Elegant Elephant Shrew

F – Flamenco Flamingo

G – Galactic Glow Worm

H – Hip Hop Hippo

I – Ice Skating Indian Flying Fox

J – Jazzy Jellyfish

K – Knitting Kiwi

L – Lifeguard Lobster

M – Makeup Moose

N – Nautical Narwhal

O – Orange Octopus

P – Princess Puppy

Q – Quaint Quokka

R – Race Car Red Panda

S – Sweet Sloth

T – Tightrope Walking Tapir

U – Undercover Unicorn

V – Vampirical Vampire Squid

W – Whimsical Wombat

X – Xylophone Playing Xantus Leaf Toad Gecko

Y – Yolky Yuma Motis

Z – Zazzy Zebra Fish