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Hyungrae Cho

Building “E”
30″ x 20″

Building “D”
30″ x 20″

Building “KOREA”
27″ x 20″

Digital art

Letters are the basic elements we use for everyday communication. Buildings are the most common places where we make casual communications happen. I would like to combine the two kinds of communication symbols into a visual display unit. That is how the constructions are designed to be built by the shapes of the specific alphabet letters in “Built into Letter”. With its own apparent beauty each letter works as a perfect foundation for constructing a building with aesthetic value. Moreover, letters deliver a sense of integrity and harmony to the viewers with the visual presentation of a single outstanding unit which is very familiar to them.  And here inside the surface of the symbolic communication element, the residents and the passengers of the buildings can find some cozy and functional spaces for intimate communications among them.