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Jess Scheider

Life, Prevailing: Measuring Infinity
Watercolor, earth pigments on panel
30″ diameter

Life, Prevailing: Eternal Shadow
Ash, charcoal, earth pigments and mica on panel
30″ diameter

Photographs by Visionkit Studio

Life, Prevailing

Emptiness serves as a vessel for all else to be created. Stillness contains within it, infinite potential. And once this pulse of life begins, it echoes further than we may ever comprehend.

Life, Prevailing looks towards the seen and unseen, the named and unnamable complementary forces which exist in every facet of our lives. What may first appear as independent, exists instead through a vast network of continuous and ever changing parts. These relationships may be invisible to the untrained eye, but expand into scope through acts of deep observation- The deeper you look, the more is revealed. 

The paintings begin as a dialogue with the subject, but soon respond more immediately to the marks and the hand that makes them. The hand acts through intention, but bends to that which it cannot immediately see. A relationship is created between rationality and abstraction, a dance between intention and mystery. The work exists both as a meditation on the present moment, and a reflection of time already passed.