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Morgan Black

I Fucking Hate it Here
Printmaking installation
48″x 96″

Photographs by Benjamin Huynh

I Fucking Hate It Here

Identity is something that is important to all of us, some of us know who we are and have ways of expressing ourselves immediately while others are left to struggle because of a lack of representation. My identity as an asexual person is important and needs representation even if that means I am the one creating it. I spent years feeling broken and not knowing who I was. I knew I was different and I thought that something was wrong with me, and now I finally have the answer. I’m asexual and there’s nothing wrong with me there never was. However, it is constantly being undermined and invalidated. My work features screen printed words told to me by people that I considered my friends. Some are from family and others just from strangers. I’m exhausted, I’m tired of explaining my existence. I fucking hate it here. I chose the Plexiglas so that as you read you’ll be able to see your reflection. You can put yourself in my place having to playback all of the hurtful ignorant things that the people around you are saying. The colors of the installation are from the asexual pride flag and the screen prints are the representation of my pure exhaustion when I have to hear these words hurled at me. They stay with me longer than I like to admit and I reach a point of such frustration I want to tear off my skin. I hope to bring more awareness for others so that maybe more people will understand, or at the very least understand that what they are saying is ignorant and hurtful. But I mostly hope that my works help others discover themselves. As a queer person I know how important it is to be yourself, not only for your own well-being but for others too you never know who is watching you. 

Asexuality: A person who is asexual experiences no sexual attraction to others. Asexual people still experience romantic attraction and may participate in sexual activity. Asexuality is not the same thing as celibacy or abstinence. It’s not a choice or disorder. It is a sexual orientation that falls on a spectrum, and includes diverse identities, behaviors, and attractions.