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Reflection: Theory & Practical Application (Prezi)

Reflection: Theory & Practical Application- Boise State University on Prezi
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Prezi is a new presentation tool, and may be unfamiliar to many of our users. Please review the instructions below to learn how to use Prezi:

  • Fullscreen Mode: The presentation is best viewed in “Fullscreen” mode. Click on “More” on the presentation screen to select this option. Press “Esc” on your keyboard to exit out of fullscreen mode.
  • Navigation: To load the presentation, click on the arrow. The presentation is self-paced; to move forward in the presentation, click on the right-hand arrow. To move backward, click on the left-hand arrow. We do not recommend using the “Autoplay” option.
  • Links and Browser Settings: The presentation contains links to additional resources and activities. To access these links without interrupting the presentation, please ensure that your browser options are set to “open links in a new tab or window”.**
  • Videos: The presentation contains videos, which will play automatically at the appropriate point in the presentation. The videos may take few moments to load, depending on your server speed.


If you would prefer view the presentation in smaller chapters.

Printable Resources:

** If you are unsure how to change your browser settings, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357