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Personal Finance Checklist

Personal Finance Checklist

Complete this checklist to learn about healthy financial habits and gain insight into your personal circumstances.

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Click the link to download the Personal Finance Workbook (excel).

If storing financial information online, secure with a password, encryption, and use a reliable platform

Sources of Income: fill in the Sources of Income section of the Personal Finance Workbook with any income you receive.
In the use by percentage column, list what percentage of this income source you use for each spending allocation.
Financial Accounts: fill in the Financial Accounts section of the Personal Finance Workbook with any banking or other financial accounts you use.
NOTE: We recommend having two checking accounts, one for required spending (bills, housing, etc) and one for discretionary/fun spending, as well as at least one savings account.
Emergency Cash: think about how much money you would need to have on hand in case of an emergency. Fill out this section of the Personal Finance Workbook.
Note: We recommend saving enough for a trip home and two weeks of expenses such as gas, food, etc.
Prioritize Spending: Using the Finance Workbook, fill in the Spending section, listing expenses from most to least important. In case of an emergency, take care of top priorities first, working your way down.
Note: Prioritize housing, food, and utilities (1) followed by necessary transportation, cell phone, internet and clothing (2), then list preferences for 3-5. Review your spending each month to see how it compares to this list.
Possible reasons include: large purchases such as a car, living debt-free, preparing for unforeseen expenses, buying a home, investing, medical emergencies, travel
Commitment to save: Commit to save a certain dollar amount or percentage of your income each month. Fill in the amount in your Personal Finance Workbook.
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