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The Seventh cohort of IMSRL students will be presenting their research in 2020 on Thursday, March 26 to Sunday, March 29 at the Eugene, Oregon on “Democracy in a Divided Society”

How Universities Selling a Broad Diversity Can Promote Racism on Campus. In conjunction with Material Science and Engineering (MSE) Weekly Seminar Dr. Arthur Scarritt presented recent findings from the Intermountain Social Research Lab (IMSRL)

Dr. Arthur Scarritt studies how people challenge and reproduce the multiple forms of inequality in which they are embedded. Interested in empowering students through knowledge, he has been running an intensive undergraduate research training lab for four years. His most recent project investigates the confluence of economic austerity and STEM in higher education.
Racial inequality in the US is poorly understood by the general population. Further, while most people believe that education serves as a major way to challenge both radial inequality and discrimination, many scholars show how education can actually work to worsen racial issues. After familiarizing the audience with some basics of radial inequality, this presentation illustrates how promoting diversity on campus – one of the mainstays of addressing racial inequality – can actually help to teach white students to be racist.

Click here to view the Research Presentation How Universities Selling a Broad Diversity Can Promote Racism on Campus

The second cohort of IMSRL students presented five papers at the Pacific Sociological Association’s annual conference March 21-24, 2013 in lovely Sparks, NV. Three members of the sociology club traveled with them to Sparks and cheered them on. They repeated their presentations at the Boise State undergraduate conference that you can see below. This could be you!!

Sociology’s Intermountain Social Research Lab presents at PSA conference and on campus
April 15, 2022