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How to Find an Internship

Completing an internship can be a valuable experience for any student. Not only can it give you valuable experience and a chance to apply your academic knowledge to a professional setting, it also can be helpful in your exploration of different professions and industries.  See below for strategies to help you identify internship opportunities that will be the best fit for you. 

Self Reflection

  • What classes have you taken that you have enjoyed the most? Why?
  • What areas of health studies and/or public health do you want to learn more about or more experience in? 
  • What do you need from your internship to be successful? 
    • Does it need to be in-person, remote, or hybrid?
    • Does it need to be flexible with your work or academic schedule?
  • How many credits do you need? (If applicable)
  • What semester are you hoping to do an internship?
  • How many hours a week can you commit to an internship?
  • Aside from earning academic credit or gaining experience, why do you want to do an internship?

Intern Application Database

The internship database has information about every internship students have completed for credit at Boise State University. Use this database to filter based on major, year, location, and more. Click here to access the database. Simply log in and select “Community & Env Hlth” as the department. You can also narrow your search in the “Subject” field.


While browsing the internship opportunities on Handshake, you’re only seeing postings from companies recruiting at that exact time, so be sure to check Handshake regularly for what’s new. Click here to access the free job/internship board.

Approach an Organization

Is there an organization that you hope to intern with and they don’t have any internships posted? Connect with them! Many internships have started from a student reaching out to organizations via networking, email, or LinkedIn.

Schedule an Appointment with Career Services

Career Services is available to help you through this process. Click here to schedule an appointment.