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Luke Montrose, PhD

Assistant Professor, School of Public and Population Health

Luke Montrose, photo by Patrick Sweeney

Dr. Luke Montrose is an environmental toxicologist with research interests in public health, epigenetics, and chronic illness, particularly as it relates to vulnerable and understudied populations.

As an Assistant Professor in the School of Public and Population Health at Boise State University, Dr. Montrose is positioning himself to work collaboratively across campus and across Idaho with relevant stakeholders, including faculty, state and local officials, and community partners. The Montrose Lab leverages expertise in epigenetics, community research, and exposure assessment to better understand the molecular basis of toxicant-induced disease risk throughout the lifecourse.

Dr. Montrose’s research portfolio reflects his passion for studying human health through multiple lenses, ranging from community health to molecular biology. His recent studies have used cutting edge technology to measure exposure-induced epigenetic changes related to diet, air pollution, heavy metals and endocrine disrupting chemicals, and related these changes to humans and animal health effects.

The Montrose Lab aims to translate basic science into practical clinical and community solutions. By studying complex cell and molecular questions in rodent models, complemented by human community based participatory studies, Dr. Montrose elevates the impact his lab and students have on their shared mission of enhancing public health.

Contact Information

Office: HSRV 113
Phone: (208) 426-3979

Curriculum Vitae

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