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Public Health: General Emphasis Plan of Study

Year | Semester | CourseCreditsTotal
First Year | Fall
FW ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I3
FA Foundations of Arts3
FS HLTH 110 Introduction to Health Science and Public Health3
UF 100 Foundations of Intellectual Life3
First Year | Spring
FW ENGL 102 Writing and Rhetoric II3
FN CHEM 101 Introduction to Chemistry w/ Lab or CHEM 111 General Chemistry I w/ Lab4
HLTH 105 Health Advocacy and Me3
EOHS 230 Introduction to Environmental Health3
Second Year | Fall
FN BIOL 191 Biology I: Intro to Cell & Molecular Bio or BIOL 227 Human Anatomy & Phys I4
HLTH 210 Health Services Administration3
FM MATH 254 Statistical Methods or Math 153 Statistical Reasoning3
UF 200 Foundations of Ethics and Diversity3
FC Foundations of Oral Communication316
Second Year | Spring
BIOL 192 Biology II: Intro. to the Diversity of Life or BIOL 228 Human Anatomy & Phys II4
FS Foundations of Social Sciences3
HEP 240 Foundations of Health Education and Promotion315-16
Third Year | Fall
BUSBTC 301 Business Foundations I3
FH Foundations of Humanities3-4
HLTH 310 Evidence-Based Public Health3
HLTH 382 Research Methods in Health3
Certificate or Minor Course315-16
Third Year | Spring
BUSBTC 302 Business Foundations II3
HLTH 315 Health Policy and Ethics3
HLTH 365 Quality Improvement and Performance Management3
Certificate or Minor Course3
Fourth Year | Fall
HLTH 418 Advanced Public Health Analysis3
HLTH 419 Public Health Communications3
HLTH 420 Strategic Planning and Project Management3
Certificate or Minor Course3
Certificate or Minor Course or Upper Division Elective315
Fourth Year | Spring
FF HLTH 400 Interprofessional Capstone1
HLTH 470 Collaborating for Change3
HLTH 480 Epidemiology3
HLTH 488 Student Outcomes Assessment0
Certificate or Minor Course3
Certificate or Minor Course or Upper Division Elective313-15