Conflict Management Courses

Current Class Schedule

The Conflict Management Program has five required Core Courses that total seven credits: Dispute 500 (three credits) and four one-credit courses – Dispute 501, 502, 504 and 505. Each course is overviewed below.

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Conflict Management Courses and Descriptions

DISPUT#Course TitleCourse InfoDescription
500BASIC MEDIATION SKILLS(3-0-3)(F/S)Presents the theoretical fundamentals of negotiation and mediation, types of mediation, mediation models, mediation casework skills, building the mediation plan, interpersonal skills for mediation, and various resolution techniques. Students will mediate several actual or simulated practice cases.
  • Learn the use of mediation to both strengthen relationships and resolve disputes

  • Gain a strong foundation for the development of professional-level mediator competencies

  • Develop skills that easily transfer to better interpersonal communication, negotiation and conflict management

501HUMAN FACTORS IN CONFLICT MANAGEMENT(1-0-1)(F)Communication theories assist managers in understanding, analyzing and managing conflict. Focus is on the causes of conflict and includes the influence of gender and culture. The course is pragmatic as well as theoretical.
  • Gain knowledge about conflict theory, causes, patterns and tactics.

  • Embrace the productive and creative energy of conflict.

  • Develop skill-sets to engage in cooperative conflict when one can and competitive conflict when one must.

502NEGOTIATION THEORY AND PRACTICE(1-0-1)(F)The tactics, strategies and operations of effective and ineffective negotiation behaviors will be presented. Develop negotiator skills and knowledge leading to collaborative-based action and solutions. Topics include:
  • Negotiator skills in interpersonal communication and problem solving.

  • Methods for dealing with difficult people

  • Counter-measures for power imbalances and tricky tactics

504FACILITATING GROUPS IN CONFLICT(1-0-1)(F)Skills for facilitating public input processes will be discussed, as well as techniques for facilitating conflict within small- and large-group meetings. Topics include:
  • Structures and ground rules that limit conflict

  • Controlling anger and nonfunctional behavior

  • Group problem solving and decision making

505CULTURE AND CONFLICT(0-0-1)(F/S)Cultural variables in interpersonal conflict management and mediation are discussed, along with perspectives to ameliorate the difficulties arising from cross-cultural communication and conflict styles. Topics include:
  • Factors that influence intercultural conflict

  • Examining cultural style preferences

  • Managing in a multi-cultural workplace


Internships & Competency Examinations

Please contact Dr. Brian Pappas for additional information about Internships and Competency Examinations.

Conflict management workshops and descriptions

In addition to the core classes a variety of one-credit elective workshops are offered. The following list provides examples of workshops that have been offered as approved electives in the past. Any of these may be replaced as faculty develop new workshops. Additionally, whereas core courses are scheduled consistently from year to year, workshop offerings have no consistent schedule.

DISPUT#Course TitleCourse InfoDescription
  • Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management
    • Understanding and managing emotions in the practice of effective conflict management.

  • Win/Win Skills for Managing Conflict
    • Managing conflict in ways that promote effective outcomes while maintaining good relationships.

  • Conflict-Competent Leadership
    • How leaders of small groups can make constructive use of the interpersonal conflicts and divergent thinking of group members.

  • The Art of Collaborative Leadership
    • How leaders may use small-group consensus processes to make better decisions, raise morale and increase buy-in.

  • Managing Generations in the Workplace
    • Teaches effective strategies for dealing with difficult people and bullies.