Dispute Resolution Courses

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Course Titles and Descriptions

DISPUT#Course TitleCreditsDescription
390Conflict Management
Examination of the causes of conflict, conflict management theory, and conflict management techniques applied in interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, and community settings. Discussion and skill development through experiential learning will focus on such conflict management techniques as interpersonal management, mediation, arbitration, negotiation, and reconciliation. May be taken for credit in COMM, DISPUT, or SOC but not for more than one department. PREREQ: COMM 221 (or ENGL 302 or HLTHST 304 or SOC 290), upper-division standing.
400Basic Mediation Skills
Students learn the theoretical foundations of negotiation and mediation, types of mediation, mediation models, mediation case work skills, building the mediation plan, interpersonal communication skills for mediation, and various resolution techniques. Students will mediate several simulated and/or actual practice cases.
The theory and practice of communicating with others to achieve a goal. Explores both competitive and cooperative approaches. Emphasizes reaching wise outcomes amicably and efficiently.
402Culture and Conflict
Interpersonal relationships are impacted by cultural differences in ways that sometimes cause conflicts. Understanding one’s root culture compared to other cultures can help prevent intercultural conflict. Techniques for responding to intercultural conflict at the work and relationship level will be presented.
446Mediation Competency Exam1
For those completing the Dispute Resolution Certificate only. Competency-based testing is required by several mediation professional organizations. Students conduct case work and mediate a case from within their emphasis area before a panel of expert mediators. Students discuss issues related to mediation within their specialty area.
493Internships1-2Internships are available each semester at the Ada County Courthouse, the Better Business Bureau and/or WeVorce. Students may negotiate to develop their own internship opportunities in consultation with the program director.
Workshops1-4Various workshops are offered in different emphasis areas. Students select workshops in consultation with the program advisor. The workshops provide specific skills for mediation in specific contexts that are tied to the internship and competency exam.