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Student Testimonials

Professional Mediator

Simran Crowley

My name is Simran Crowley, and I am a professional mediator. I obtained a certificate in Dispute Resolution: Mediation from Boise State University. Through my studies I was able to gain first hand experience in managing conflict, which has proved to be invaluable in my life, not only on the professional level but the personal one as well.  This program helped me explore the ways in which conflict is all around us, and though many of us run away from conflict, there are ways that we can utilize conflict productively.

Today I am the founder and mediator of 5 Rivers Mediation. I encompass my life around conflict. I mediate and educate communities and businesses on the benefits of alternative methods of dispute resolution. I focus my specialties and knowledge in mediating divorcing or separating individuals and co-parents who are navigating through the conflict that impacts their lives. Through mediation the parties are able to craft their own unique resolutions and keep the focus on the children and/or the important relationships. All in all, my clients benefit from a greater sense of peace and more cost-effective solutions.  I am able to aid them in doing so through the many skills and strategies I learned through this program.