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Why Choose Environmental

Program Learning Outcomes

Environmental Studies students:

Evaluate change—through time from past to future, within earth and human systems, and among diverse and varied cultures

See perspectives— identify, analyze, and compare views of the environment

Conduct research—using thoughtful questions and data-driven arguments to characterize the significance and severity of specific environmental problems

Communicate clearly—among stakeholders, across societies, within and beyond any one community

Create networks—to explore the skills and tools necessary to address social needs and gain employment

Lead and follow—as informed citizens, team-players, and scholars

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree that prepares students to explain and address environmental problems from multiple perspectives.  The major requires the completion of a core set of problem-based classes within the program that train students to conduct research, integrate theory and practice, and apply knowledge to the development of solutions or recommended adaptations.  The major further includes a selection of classes from departments across campus that build expertise in human and natural systems. Students complete a two-credit internship or participate in a Vertically Integrated Project (through the College of Innovation and Design).

image of beekeeperFlexible

The Environmental Studies major is unique in that it provides its majors with an unparalleled level of flexibility to design an area/areas of emphasis that meet their own individual academic and career goals and interests.



The Environmental Studies major requires the completion of a selection of classes from both within the Environmental Studies program, as well as from numerous departments across campus.

image of student with honey bottlePractical

Environmental Studies majors are required to complete a two-credit internship with an environmental organization, agency or department, and all Environmental Studies majors participate in a year-long capstone research experience.

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