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2003 Conference

Image of cover for book Freedom & Secrecy: Trading Liberty for Security

Freedom & Secrecy: Trading Liberty for Security?

October 2, 2003

In this changed world, what is happening to the American notion of “freedom?” Do perceived requirements for secrecy in legal proceedings, in the making and execution of foreign policy, and in access to information alter the boundaries of freedom?

During a one day conference on October 2nd at the Boise State University Student Union, we brought together voices from all sides of the issues surrounding the clash of values between freedom and secrecy in a democratic society.

Among the speakers and panelists were David Broder, Washington Post reporter and national columnist, Walter F. Mondale, Former Vice President, Ambassador, and U.S. Senator, and Slade Gorton, Former U.S. Senator and Member of the 9-11 Commission.