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Meet Our Students

Urban Studies and Community Development students are leaders in urban public service. Our graduates have gone on to graduate school and employment in urban planning, city administration, community outreach, and renewable energy advocacy.

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Student Spotlight

Alumna Nina Schaeffer talks about her learning experiences in Urban Studies and Community Development Student Club.

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What We Learn

Learning in Urban Studies is experimental

Hands-on Learning

Learning outside the classroom

Future Plans

What I will do with my degree

What my degree is doing for me

How my degree is preparing me for my future

Graduates: Where are they now?

  • 2018 Graduate Nina Schaeffer is community outreach coordinator at the Boise Bike Project.
  • 2018 Graduate Jenna Shaw is a planner at Rincon Consultants in San Diego, California.
  • 2018 Graduate Adrienne Weatherly is a Deputy City Clerk in Meridian, Idaho.
  • 2019 Graduate Savannah Willits is a Research Associate at Thornton Oliver Keller.
  • 2019 Graduate Ryan Hurlburt is a Certified Rating Inspector for alternative energy company Building Energy.
  • 2019 Graduate Peyton Blackwell was a planner at T-O Engineers before taking a management job at Dawson Taylor.
  • 2020 Graduate Doug Exton is the Program Officer at the Idaho Humanities Council, and pursuing a graduate degree at Johns Hopkins in Geographic Information Systems.
  • 2020 Graduate Michael Byrd is pursuing a graduate degree in Business Administration at Boise State University.
  • 2020 Graduate Hanna Veal is an Associate Planner in Garden City, Idaho.
  • 2021 Soon-to-be Graduate Katie Wright plans to pursue a graduate degree in Public Administration.

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