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As an interdisciplinary program, we prioritize solving real world urban problems through diverse perspectives and strategies. We use interactive learning strategies in and beyond the classroom to cultivate self-discovery and transformative thought. Through experiential learning in the Capstone, Investigate Boise, and Field School programs, students learn professional skills to apply in their future careers.

Urban Studies 201 explores planning, policy, and environmental dynamics


An urban frontier rises from cheatgrass and sagebrush to test the limits of sustainable growth. Planning and the Environment (Urban Studies 201) explores the planning, policy, and environmental dynamics that sprawl cities into the desert, and profoundly transform the American west.

Taught by Dr. Jillian Moroney and utilizing a strong service-learning component assisting the City of Boise on sustainability issues, Urban 201 helps Boise State students understand how Western cities run the way they do. In addition to learning how to be educated voters and citizens, students learn planning skills that can help them in a wide range of future career fields, including public policy administration and real estate.

“Students learn the basics of planning, practices, policy and people involved,” said Moroney. “They learn how to read a plan and do comprehensive research about another city.”