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Corona Virus Plan


Latest updates on campus reopening

School of Public Service Continuity of Operations Plan – COVID-19

  • The School of Public Service leadership team has drafted this Continuity of Operations Plan in order to address the needs of students, faculty, and staff in the event that Boise State University moves to an online teaching environment and limited campus operations due to an outbreak of COVID-19.
  • The individuals who will make operational decisions in the event that normal campus operations are disrupted, in order of succession, are: 1) Interim Dean Andrew Giacomazzi 2) Interim Associate Dean Jen Schneider 3) School Faculty Directors Amanda Ashley and Lori Hausegger 4) Sr. Business Manager Megan DuPré and Operations Manager Wendy Wong.
  • In the event that normal campus operations are interrupted due to an outbreak of COVID-19, the following individuals, identified as performing “Critical 2” level functions will form the basis of the SPS Emergency Operations Center:  
Name Title Email Address
Amanda Ashley Faculty Director
Megan DuPré Sr. Business Manager
Andrew Giacomazzi Interim Dean
Lori Hausegger Faculty Director
Spencer Kelly Assistant to the Deans
James Munkres Sr. Marketing Dir.
Jen Schneider Interim Assoc. Dean
Wendy Wong Operations Manager
  • All SPS phones (faculty and staff) will be forwarded to email. Instructions will be emailed to faculty and staff about how to do this for those who have not yet set this up.
  • The Interim Dean, Interim Associate Dean, Assistant to the Deans and Marketing Director will form the basis of the SPS Communication Team in the event that the COOP is activated, and will coordinate all external and internal communication throughout the duration of reduced campus operations through the SPS Dean’s Office and social media.
  • Amanda Boll, Sr. Advising Coordinator, will instruct her team to work remotely and inform SPS students that the SPS Advising Center will offer virtual advising hours only, until normal campus operations resume.
  • If an SPS event must be cancelled or postponed as a result of an outbreak of COVID-19, Julia Camilli, SPS Event Coordinator, and/or the Operations Manager will inform the primary event contact of the pending cancellation. The event contact will communicate the cancellation to the event’s attendees.
  • Upon activation of the COOP, all “Critical 3” personnel (i.e. faculty members, program support staff) will perform their work remotely. In anticipation of the COOP being activated, the Operations Manager will ensure that faculty and staff have access to: 1) a laptop, PC or mobile device 2) reliable access to internet/ WiFi 3) VPN in order to access network drives.
  • To ensure the health, safety, and continued productivity of our students, faculty, and staff, “Critical 2” personnel will closely monitor developments as they unfold, communicate those developments per directives from the President’s and Provost’s Offices, and adjust the SPS COOP in order to adapt to situations as they arise.