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2017 Idaho Public Policy Survey

The Second Annual Idaho Public Policy Survey was conducted December 3-8, 2016 and surveyed 1000 adults currently living in the state of Idaho. Respondents were asked about their attitudes concerning several key policy issues, including significant focus on revenue and spending, transportation, education, refugees, and energy and climate change. The survey sample was designed to be representative of all regions of the state and was administered on behalf of the School of Public Service by GS Strategy Group, a Boise-based polling firm.

“Policy makers and citizens alike can view the results of this survey as the most accurate snapshot available about how Idahoans feel about the important policy issues of the moment.”
Dr. Justin Vaughn, Associate Professor of Political Science and director of the survey research team

2017 Idaho Public Policy Survey
School of Public Service
Corey Cook, Dean
Research Team: Justin S. Vaughn, Ph.D., Jeffery Lyons, Ph. D., Matthew May, Ph.D.

Specifications: Conducted December 3-8, 2016
N = 1,000 Idaho Adults.
Margin of Error: +/- 3.1%

Official 2017 State Survey Report
(Updated 1/18/17 to correct typographical errors)
Comprehensive Tab Book
Selected Cross-tabs

Transparency Initiative Disclosure


Previous Surveys

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Boise State conducted a prior public policy survey from 1990 through 2011, now archived at Boise State’s Albertsons Library. Because of changes in methodology and sample sizes, the new survey can’t be used in direct comparison with the university’s previous findings, however similar questions were asked in the past about key priorities and the direction of the state.