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Information for Faculty

Boise State University is, first and foremost, a community of learners. To ensure the well-being of our community, we have established behavioral standards known as the Student Code of Conduct (Policy 2020). This policy:

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  • Serves not just as a disciplinary system, but also prioritizes educational outcomes of Boise State University
  • Sets forth standards and procedures necessary for maintaining an environment conducive to learning in and out of the classroom
  • Is designed to teach students to live and act responsibly, with respect for the rights of other students and members of the Boise State community, and for the property and common resources associated with this community
  • Encourages the development of good decision-making and personal integrity

Students residing in Boise State University Housing are required to adhere to Housing & Residence Life’s Community Standards. When appropriate, Community Standards violations may rise to the level of Student Code of Conduct violations when there are repeated offenses, or when an alleged violation falls under the Student Code of Conduct.


The Goals of the Student Conduct Process are to:

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  • Educate students about the core values of academic excellence, respect and civility by upholding the University’s Statement of Shared Values
  • Promote individual insight and growth
  • Support a safe, inclusive and affirming campus environment
  • Teach skills of self-control, responsible decision-making, compromise and ethical reasoning
  • Hold students accountable for their actions, making them aware of behavioral consequences
  • Help students understand their role and responsibility in creating an environment where learning and civic engagement can occur

Reporting a Behavioral Conduct Violation

To report an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct, please fill out our Student Conduct Report Form. Once your report has been received, a Student Conduct Administrator will review your concern and proceed accordingly based on our Student Conduct Process. Since our process is confidential, you may not receive follow up from our office unless we have clarifying questions.

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