Student Research


Connecting your educational experiences to your career goals is one of the best ways a student can position themselves for an outstanding career or pursue graduate study. No other activity provides as many benefits to students who want to get ahead than student research. The appropriate degree, competitive skills, experiences in your field of study, and the right contacts can set you apart from the competition.

Few university experiences offer a richer education than standing shoulder-to-shoulder with scholars and researchers working on society’s most important questions and challenges. From cancer prevention to choreography, substance abuse to alternative energy, financial planning to art history, Boise State students in all fields of study have a unique opportunity to explore and research issues that relate locally, nationally and around the world. Individually or as part of a team, they hone problem solving and critical thinking skills that will serve them for a lifetime, no matter the direction their career paths follow.


Participation in research at Boise State University enhances the student experience. Benefits of conducting research include expanding understanding of your academic field; establishing valuable connections with faculty; gaining academic experiences that expand your resume; and developing critical thinking, leadership, time management and communication skills. Students in all disciplines may conduct research.


The value of student research for faculty should not be underestimated. By fostering student research, faculty mentors have an opportunity to draw on the diversity of experience that students contribute. A strong professional relationship combined with  a student’s unique history, background, and views can produce compelling research programs through rich collaborative efforts.


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