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Inclusive Excellence Awards Past Recipients

“For those who struggle for equality and humanization, the work is done without the hope of being honored. The award ceremony and the tradition of recognizing valued members of the community are both important ways of showing appreciation for those who have made serious commitments to issues of social justice. It is much easier to float the river of conformity to a dishonest and unjust status quo. It is also common to see those who ‘float’ being recognized and receiving awards from the status quo. Hopefully, for those who are seldom recognized because they appear not to be ‘team players,’ it reinforces their commitment as it reminds others of what they might be dedicating their careers to instead of just earning a living by going with the flow.”

—Dr. Roberto Bahruth, Department of Bilingual Education

2013 HERO Award Recipients

Mario Venegas
Prasanna Kandel
Amber Hastain
Chris O’Toole
Andrew Toles
Jaclyn Perez

2012 HERO Award Recipients

Faculty: Aida Hutz-Midgett
Staff: Damoni Wright
Student: Briar Nakamoto
Student: Dagen Downward
Community: Emilie Jackson-Edney
Alumni Cody Hafer

2011 HERO Award Recipients

Student: Yeng Chi Martinez
Staff: Diana Fairchild
Faculty: Dr. Robert McCarl, Department of Sociology
ASBSU: Lindsey Matson
Community: Lynn Allen

2010 HERO Award Recipients

Student: Tai Simpson
ASBSU: Chase Johnson
Faculty: Dr. Viviana Lopez, College of Education
Staff: Adriane Bang
Community: Cherie Buckner-Webb

2009 HERO Award Recipients

Student: Bret Berning
ASBSU: Jang Hee, Program Assistant, Boise State Cultural Center
Faculty: Dr. Roberto Bahruth, Department of Bilingual Education
Staff: Christy Babcock-Quintero, International Student Advisor
Community: Dr. Sheryl Dowlin

2008 HERO Award Recipients

Student: Felipe Moran, Political Activist, Co-chair of M.E.Ch.A.
Faculty: Dr. Martin Cutler, Assistant Professor, Counselor Education
Staff: Illeana Cordova, Recruiter for High School Equivalency Program
Community: Angel Gutierrez

2007 HERO Award Recipients

Student: Whitney Johnson, Program Assistant, Boise State Women’s Center
Faculty: Dr. Errol Jones, Department of History
Staff: Mike Esposito, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Student Union
Community: Sam Byrd