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Mental Health

by Danielle Reid Studen Union Social Media Manager Work U

As most of us students are aware, mental health is an extremely prevalent and common issue, especially in today’s fast-paced and media-based society. With the stress of homework assignments stacking up, extracurriculars, or even a time-consuming job/internship, we can barely find time to focus on our own mental health. The statistics of percentages of anxiety, depression, and other common mental illnesses are rising rapidly amongst college campuses. This time of year is filled with fun activities throughout campus, and missing out on them can cause frustration, anger, and even suicidal thoughts.

COVID-19 has put a damper on college life in general; missing class due to quarantining or being sick is just one way that we as students can fall behind and stress ourselves out. Statistically speaking, students are at less of a risk of getting a nasty case of the virus, however, this pandemic has still affected countless young students across universities. Additionally, students have not been able to have some of the same opportunities that other college students had prior to the rampant pandemic. Universities report several negative mental health issues amongst their campuses including suicidal thoughts, disappointment, and lack of focus. These are not only trying times but times where people may find themselves in an unhealthy state of mind due to all the uncertainty or unpredictability. As students, we need human interaction in our day-to-day lives to maintain connections and relationships, and the social distance/six feet apart rule sure does not make it easy to do so.. 

Boise State University is aware of the continuous negative impacts that the pandemic has caused for college students, and offers many different services/resources for students that desire to seek help. If you are a student struggling with your mental health, it is encouraged by the university and staff that you reach out to one of the many services offered on campus. The Boise State Health Center offers counseling to help students find ways to cope with their struggles that can impact their personal and academic goals. Services include group counseling, partner counseling, or individual counseling; whatever the best fit may be for you. Counseling at the Health Center focuses on the prevention of depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness, lack of motivation, trauma, etc. Within the first session, a counselor will ask a series of questions to try to identify the problem so that there is an effective area of focus to seek solutions. The Gender Equity Center in the Boise State Student Union also offers resources to help students with any troubles they are facing mentally including harassment, life transitions or crises, personal roadblocks, and more. 

There is an abundance of resources that Boise State offers to students because they want us to be able to succeed and reach our full potential! Never hesitate to reach out to an untrusted peer, faculty member, or professor as well. College is an exciting, yet unpredictable chapter for most students, and these trying times can create endless mental health problems. The majority of students drown themselves in school, work, and the stress of life in general, hardly remembering to take time to do something for themselves. Boise State University stresses that students seek help if needed. It is highly recommended to do something each day that brings ease to focus on mental health, whether it’s going on a long green belt walk, taking deep breaths, or talking to a close friend/family member.