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Fun Things to do During Fall Break

By: Staci Rimington

I don’t know about you…but this semester has been a rough one for sure. I think we can all agree that a nice break is something that we could all use right now. Whether you are going home or staying in Boise there are some fun things that you can do to get your brain relaxed and away from school. 

Go outside and enjoy the fall leaves!

Fall is one of the prettiest times of the year. The leaves are all changing colors and it is usually just the right temperature of not too hot but not too cold. Who doesn’t love wearing hoodies and sweaters? And I know in Idaho, most of the time fall turns into winter and we almost just skip the season altogether, but there are still some places where you can enjoy what fall is supposed to be. 

Eat a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

I know that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, and if you don’t…just spoil yourself with a nice home-cooked meal. I know for me in school I eat a lot of mac and cheese, ramen noodles, and frozen pizza, so why not spoil yourself and have a nice home-cooked meal for a change. Whether that means making it yourself or with friends and family, take time to give yourself some self-care as a reward for this semester so far. 

Spend time with your friends and family!

Sometimes, at school, it is very easy to isolate ourselves and shut ourselves off from the outside world. During this break, find time to get out and socialize. This one week will be the first for many of us to not have to think about school and the stress that it brings. Take some time to be around people and laugh and have a good time. We all deserve it, and everyone needs a pick-me-up from friends and family sometimes.

Go shopping for Black Friday!

Go out and get some good deals. When you are in college, funds are limited and not everyone has the extra to be able to just go out and get anything they want, so go out on Black Friday and get some good deals on some things that you have wanted for a long time. Wait in those long lines and have a good time. Get those cute shoes you have wanted for a while or some headphones that you have had your eye on. 

Decorate for the holidays!

I know there is a big debate on when you should decorate for the holidays. I say decorate whenever you want to, but a good time to decorate is during fall break. There shouldn’t be any crazy assignments happening, and who doesn’t want to bring the good vibes that the holidays bring? That is the perfect de-stressor in my opinion!

Find a time this fall break to just take a second and breathe. College is hard and it is stressful. Take this fall break to do something that you love to do whether it is sleeping the whole week or going out with friends. Do something that will make you happy. We all deserve it!