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My Experience as the Student Union Social Media Manager

By Danielle Reid

When I first came to Boise State, I had little to no idea about the number of opportunities the university had, including career services! Last year, I had a friend tell me about a program that Boise State has called WorkU, which is essentially a way to gain relevant experience through an internship. She explained to me that she loved her experience with her internship and encouraged me to apply for a WorkU position for the following semester. I decided to try it out and look at all positions and companies that were associated with the program. I applied to three, but my top choice was always to be the Boise State Student Union Social Media Marketing intern. When I received an email that I got the internship, I was filled with gratitude that I had the opportunity to work for my very own school and run two of the social media accounts!

  Throughout my WorkU journey, I learned the value of connections and how crucial it is to network with people that you know. I was able to improve on my content creation and technological skills through the use of several different platforms such as Canva and the Facebook Business Page. I have always loved writing, and my internship allowed me to be creative with what I wanted to blog about. It was helpful to see just how important and useful social media is in the workforce, and how it affects marketing a lot in society. Social media is the world’s primary news outlet nowadays, and most companies use it to give or receive information. I was the Student Union social media manager intern. Therefore, I had the ability to post about the Student Union and all of its resources or services! The Student Union offers so much more than I originally anticipated prior to running the social media accounts for it. I think that the Student Union is a wonderful place filled with job opportunities, diverse events, gatherings, and even a place just to relax and do homework. This building brings people of campus together whether it’s to complete schoolwork, meet for a group project, buy a quick fit for game day, catch a bite to eat, or meet for a club!

Additionally, WorkU provides credit on top of getting to work with professionals in the field they are interested in. In my WorkU class, I learned several tips and tricks on how to be a competitive candidate in the job field and market. It is no surprise that finding a job after graduation can be difficult and time-consuming, but WorkU instilled more confidence in me for my job hunt/application process. WorkU overall was a fantastic experience, and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who are struggling to find real-world experience for post-graduation. I am thankful that Boise State offers this program to anyone on campus and would encourage others to apply! WorkU has been nothing but an advantageous and beneficial opportunity!